Chloe Aitken

Property Manager | First National Real Estate Springfield Chloe began her Real Estate career here at First National Springfield back in 2004 when she was a receptionist for 3 years.
While on reception Chloe completed her Real Estate Certificate and began training to become a property manager. A position opened up at the Collingwood Park Office in 2007 for a property manager and Chloe began putting her newly trained skills to use.
In 2008, Chloe spread her wings and went off to explore other industries of work. Chloe did some temporary work in the Architect industry and also did some administration work for a development company, where she completed a Certificate 3 in Business Administration.
It took Chloe only 18 months to realise that Real Estate was where she belonged and returned to an accounts administration position for a real estate in Paddington.
A few years later and after being through roles such as Property Manager, Senior Property Manager and Department Manager in 2 other real estates, Chloe got married and had a baby girl born in May 2014. Not being able to return to work fulltime with an infant, she took up the part time position back here at Springfield First National in September 2014, where it all started 10 years ago.
Chloe loves being back here at First National Springfield and says it's good to be home


Phone: 0734706999

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